Content management for the modern web

Git based

Content is version controlled in git. Easily branch and feature test content changes.

Fully typed

Typescript users get a type-safe experience.

Zero latency

Content is easily queryable through an in-memory SQLite database, avoiding network overhead.

Open source headless CMS

Alinea is an open source content management system written in TypeScript. The dashboard boots locally with a single command. Published content changes persist on the file system in json format, allowing content to be version controlled with git.

Code your schema

The content schema is created using code which eliminates repetitive clicking through a UI setting up every field. Custom fields can be created and distributed without hassle.

Query content

Content is indexed in an embedded SQLite database. This allows fast querying and full text search. The database is shipped with your code using WebAssembly making it available everywhere (including edge deploys).

User friendly dashboard

Content can be navigated hierarchically, much like the website you're structuring, making it easy to find what you're looking for. A live preview of the page shows exactly what changes look like.

Build with us

Alinea is open source under the MIT license.

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