$ alinea <command> [options]
    Available Commands
      init     Copy a sample config file to the current directory
      dev      Start development dashboard
      build    Generate content cache
    For more info, run any command with the `--help` flag
      $ alinea build --help
      $ alinea init --help
      -v, --version    Displays current version
      -h, --help       Displays this message


    alinea init

    Creates an example config file. Run once during setup.

    alinea dev

    Starts a development server to display the alinea dashboard. It can be prepended to another development command to run it in parallel.

    // Example: start the dashboard and next development server
    alinea serve -- next dev
      -p, --port      Port to listen on
      --production    Use production backend

    alinea build

    The build command indexes content and generates the @alinea/generated package. It's recommended to run it as part of the build step in your project.

      -w, --watch     Watch for changes to source files
      -c, --config    Location of the config file, defaults to "alinea.config.tsx"
      --fix           Any missing or incorrect properties will be overwritten by their default