Getting started

    Get started by creating a new Next.js project. The following will setup a new Next.js project in your chosen directory.

    npx create-next-app@latest

    Read the full instructions in the Next.js docs

    Install Alinea

    Navigate to the newly created project directory and install the package with your preferred package manager.

    npm install alinea

    Initialize the project

    Alinea requires a config file which can be auto-generated by running alinea init. If you prefer plain Javascript over Typescript, rename the file from cms.tsx to cms.jsx.

    npx alinea init --next

    Adjust Next.js config

    Alinea generates a few files at build time which should not be cached when deployed in production. If you're hosting on Vercel add @alinea/generated to experimental.serverComponentsExternalPackages in next.config.js or in next.config.mjs:

    const nextConfig = {
      // ... other options
      experimental: {
        serverComponentsExternalPackages: ['@alinea/generated']
    module.exports = nextConfig

    Access the dashboard

    Congratulations, Alinea is now ready to boot!
    Have a look around in the dashboard by running:

    npx alinea dev